Explosion in front of Levies Headquarters on Taj Road in Chaman

A blast has occurred before Levies central command on Taj Road in Mann. Three individuals have been murdered and a few others harmed in the impact. The harmed have been moved to clinic. As per police, the impact occurred before Levies Headquarters on Chaman Taj Road. The impact was noisy to the point that the sound could be heard far away. Three individuals were murdered and 14 harmed in the impact.

Two of the dead were from Chaman and one from Punjab. Following the impact, security powers cordoned off the zone and gathered proof from the impact site. In the wake of discovering the idea of the impact from the proof, it was tracked down that the bomb was planted in a cruiser. The impact focused on a police vehicle. Salvage group has moved the harmed to the emergency clinic. Security powers have additionally fixed security inside and outside the zone and search activity is likewise being directed in the presumed regions.

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